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Boynton Beach FL Real Estate:

"Her Concern Was Genuine"
The Kettler Family, Buyers

Lisa and I moved here a year ago. It was a big decision for us. When we first arrived, we looked for someone to help us. Someone who knew the area well. By recommendation it was Beverly. Beverly understood our situation and respected it. She took the time to understand what we were looking for and helped us explore several options. Her concern was genuine and you could feel it. I find this a rare trait these days. We feel that we have made a friend as well as a business contact. Your firm should ocnsider themselves lucky to have someone who represents you so well.

"For Every Property There Is A Realtor" Anthony Bozzuto, Seller

I have heard that for every property there is a buyer. While that is true, Beverly also proved that "for every property there is a realtor". . .and she was it! I interviewed several other realtors by phone and ultimately signed with Beverly (having never personally met), as she presented a well thought out marketing plan that reflected our conversations. Her openness, honesty and pleasant demeanor sealed the deal!

Beverly brought a high level of activity, kept me well informed, and continually tailored her approach to each situation with a positive "can do" attitude. In addition, Beverly should be commended for her untiring dedication to this transaction. I believe that Beverly is not only a great realtor, but a wonderful person, who I would strongly recommend to anyone selling a home. She deserves the credit for being extremely skilled in her trade, having a great personality and being tenacious in her approach to marketing and selling a property.

"Most Pleasant And Professional Agent I Have Dealt With"
Tim Padgett, Realtor

I jave just completed a transaction with Beverly Sutton, one of the most pleasant and professional agents that I have had the pleasure of dealing with in over 20 years in the business.

"You Could Teach The Course On How To Negotiate"
Dr. Joan Magill, Buyer

This is a note to let you know how pleased I am with the home we bought. Without your help, I have no idea how we would have accomplished this. As I told you, you are definitely a "steel magnolia". You certainly could teach the course on how to negotiate, be respectful of others, and when you determine it is appropriate--not move an inch! No one could do your job better.

I especially liked how, when I was unsure as to what I wanted, you were able to ask the appropriate questions to help me get clear about all sorts of things. I think it was less than a month from beginning to actively look at houses to closing on the deal. Most important of all, we had a friendship first, and then a business relationship. Thank you again.

Boynton Beach FL Real Estate